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Gold is used as the standard in-game currency. This helps facilitate trading and purchasing, with items bought and sold in dollar amounts.

Gold Value

Amount Nugget Ingot Block
1 $1 $9 $81
64 $64 $576 $5184


  • /bal to check your in game balance.
  • /bal <playername> to check another players balance.
  • /baltop to see who has the highest balance on the server.
  • /pay <playername> <amount> to pay someone an amount of in game money.

Using the bank

The Bank is located at the top level of the /spawn tree. Using special signs in the bank, you can deposit or withdraw funds from your in game balance. You can also check your in game balance.

Depositing gold

You can deposit gold nuggets, gold ingots, and gold blocks.

Right-click on the signs until "Deposit" is selected, and left-click to deposit the currency in your hand.

Withdrawing gold

If you want to withdraw gold ingots, right-click the signs until "Withdraw" is selected. Every time you left-click, you'll withdraw $9 from your bank in the form of one gold ingot.

Obtaining money

There are a number of ways to make money:

  • Mine for gold ores and smelt it into ingots.
  • Sell items or services to other players.
  • Kill Pigmen for gold nuggets.
  • Vote for daily money rewards.

For more detailed information about making money, see the How to Make Money guide.