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AWNW was started by SpaZMonKeY777 and Kaioko who wanted to create an easy way to play Minecraft with their friends and family.

They soon opened the servers for other people to play on too, and eventually the servers became publicly accessible.

Over the years, the community has grown to now support multiple Minecraft game modes all connected via one lobby.

Social Networks

Below are the links to the official AWNW social networks, where you can connect and receive updates, news, and videos.

The Owners

SpaZMonKeY777 (Spaz) and Kaioko (Kai) live in Orlando, Florida. They love meeting up with Nuggets from the community and hanging out around Disney and/or Universal. They are both true gamers and play a wide variety of games from consoles, handhelds, steam games, MMORPGs, etc, etc. If you ever need to contact either of them, you can visit www.awnw.net/contact and message them directly, and they usually respond within 24 hours at most.


To keep the community safe and the game enjoyable for everyone, there are several volunteer staff members. To see a list of current staff members, see the Staff page on the website.

If you want to join the staff team, please read Becoming Staff.

Technical Information

The servers run on Spigot Server, with a variety of plugins to enhance game-play. The servers are hosted by www.Limestonenetworks.com in Texas on a super high speed connection with good connectivity world-wide.