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Ban Appeals

Everyone deserves a second chance. If a player breaks the rules and received a ban, they have a chance to explain what happened and appeal. Following this, a number of things can happen;

  • They are reduced to a temporary ban that lasts just a few days.
  • They are given a period of time deemed proportional to the offence to wait out. After this, they can submit another ban appeal.
  • Their appeal is refused and they remain banned.

How to appeal your ban

If you have been banned, follow these simple steps to appeal.

Step 1: Submit your appeal

All appeals are submitted on the ban appeal forum. Be sure to read the sticky posts before submitting your appeal as first impressions count.

Create a new thread, copy and paste the below, and fill it in honestly and accurately. If you admit to your mistake and are genuinely apologetic, it shows you understand our rules and community spirit.

  • Ingame name: <Your Minecraft name>
  • Server: <Where the ban happened: Survival, Skyblock, etc>
  • Reason for ban: <Put the reason you got banned, which is displayed when you try to log in>
  • Date of ban: <Today, Yesterday, Last week, Months ago, etc>
  • Please explain why you think you should be unbanned:
<In your own words, describe what happened. Then share any details that might be helpful with this appeal. If you did it, it is best to just say you did it, and let us know if you intend to comply with the rules after this. If you feel the ban is a mistake, then tell us what we need to know. Remember we will check the logs, so be honest.>

Once you have made your appeal, just sit back and wait. It is best to avoid contacting anyone about the appeal. Appeals are normally responded to within 24 hours.

This is a perfect time to read our rules again and make sure you understand everything that is expected of you.

Step 2: The appeal process

After you've submitted your appeal, it will be evaluated and checked against your actions that led to the ban being issued.

There are a number of factors that are taken in to account when processing your appeal.

  • Severity of the rule infraction.
  • Previous ban and warnings received.
  • General attitude.
  • Patience.
  • Genuine remorse.

Once all factors are considered, you will either:

  • Be unbanned immediately. Usually this is in cases of misunderstanding.
  • Receive a temporary ban of a few days. After this time has passed, you'll be automatically unbanned.
  • Receive a date to re-appeal. This could be days or weeks.
  • Be banned permanently without re-appeal.

Step 3: The re-appeal process

If you received a date to re-appeal, you must wait until this date before submitting a re-appeal. During this time, you must not contact any member of staff about your ban otherwise it may extend the duration you need to wait.

Use the calendar on the website to check the correct date. The appeal date is based around from the server timezone, and not your local timezone.

To re-appeal, you make a post similar to your original appeal but stating it's your re-appeal. You will need to explain what happened and show remorse for your actions. Remember, there is no obligation for you to be unbanned simply because you waited out some time.

Once all factors are considered, you'll either:

  • Be unbanned.
  • Be banned permanently without re-appeal.

Step 4: Returning after a ban

If you get unbanned, you're welcome back on the server. Everyone deserves a second chance, but third chances are extremely rare. Ensure you follow the rules and have fun.

Remember that talking about bans either in-game or in the forums is against the rules.