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Joining the staff team on AWNW comes with a lot of responsibility, and will not suit everybody. While the vast majority of people are happy playing, some like to help in other ways and assist other players with their issues.

What do Moderators do?

A Moderator (Mod) is the base rank for staff at AWNW. They help monitor chat and help out with basic questions and problems players may have. They can kick and mute players who may be causing problems, and have a fair amount of knowledge on how things work on the server. They can also help with in-game Ticket tickets as well, for minor questions/issues.

What is required to become a Mod?

  • Must be on the server for at LEAST a week and active
  • Must be willing to be active in-game and on forums while a Mod
  • Discord isn't required, but it's a big plus
  • A previous ban won't deny the position, but it will affect your chances
  • Knowing a lot about AWNW in general and the server rules
  • A willingness to help players
  • Having a good attitude

Can I Apply?

Staff positions are currently CLOSED. As such, you cannot apply for a staff position.

However, it's possible to be hand-picked for a staff position if you show excellent attitude and ability. Simply be a great member of the community and you may receive an offer, if a position is available.

What do Administrators do?

An Administrator (Admin) is the top level of staff. They can ban players and restore damage caused by griefers. They can handle higher-priority Tickets which require a greater understanding of the server rules. They can also Fly and Vanish in order to watch players who may be causing problems.

Can I Apply?

Admins are hand picked by SpaZMonKeY777 and Kaioko from existing Moderators. There is no way to apply for this position directly.