Block Hunt

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Block Hunt is a mini-game where the goal is to hide as a block while the seekers look for you.


As a hider, you'll be disguised as a block. You will have a period of time to run and hide somewhere.

You'll win if you manage the hide until the timer reaches zero.


As a seeker, your job is to find the hiding players. Kill them, and they'll become a seeker.

You'll win if all the hiders are found and killed.

Joining Block Hunt

To join Block Hunt, go to the Lobby and find the fountains with the minigames on them. Then right-click on the sign to take you to the Block Hunt map you wish to play. You are also able to type /bh join name to enter an arena. Our three current arenas are Village, Forest, and Temple.

Once you join the Block Hunt lobby, wait for more players to join so the game can start.

Block Hunt Shop

By clicking the Block Hunt Shop sign or typing /bh shop, you can access the BH Shop and purchase items with tokens earned from playing. You can purchase a BlockHunt Choose (3000 tokens and unlimited uses) which allows you to pick what block you spawn as each round, and you can purchase a BlockHunt Pass (150 tokens and 1 use) which allows you to choose whether to be a Hider or a Seeker for the next round.

Leaving Block Hunt

To stop playing, right-click on the sign in the Block Hunt lobby to return to the main server lobby.