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Below are the building rules when playing on our Survival and Hardmode servers. Because these servers are free build servers, strict building rules are enforced so players do not build right on top of, or next to another player without permission.

While this list isn't exhaustive, these are the most important rules.

  • No building within 32 blocks of another player's build.
Examples of what constitutes a 'Build' is at the bottom of the page.
  • No fencing/walling off entire biomes to 'claim' them.
You need to build in order to reserve space, not just fence off.
  • Must mark surface when building above or below ground.
This is so players know that you have built above or below ground in that area.
  • No massive rails or roads spanning thousands of blocks.
This takes up valuable building space. Rails or roads within your builds are allowed.
  • No building player death traps.
PVP is not allowed, and player traps or intentionally killing players is considered griefing.
  • Don't take over someone's 'abandoned' build without permission.
Only Spaz and Kaioko can deem a build abandoned, so submit a Ticket if you're unsure.
  • You can only claim/loot (1) ocean temple per player/group.
Don't be greedy, and leave any other temples you find to other explorers.

Valid Claims

To claim an area as yours, you simply have to build. That build, and the surrounding 32 blocks from bedrock to sky, are considered to be yours.

Use the images located @ as examples, and if you have any questions please file a Ticket in-game.

Other rules