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Below is a list of command you can use to communicate with other players on the server.

Instant Message

Use these commands to talk to someone who is online. The conversation is private between you and your friend, and can be made across any main AWNW server.

/msg <playername> <message>
This will privately message a player. This is great for personal conversations, and 1 on 1 chatting. It's much preferred over just talking in global chat.

/r <message>
Once you message a player, or they message you, you can simply use this commands to reply back.

In-Game Mail

If you need to contact a player who is offline, you can send them a mail. When they next log in, they'll get notified a message is waiting for them.

/mail <playername> <message>
Will send a message to a player, even if they are offline. Great for communicating with new friends who aren't online.

/mail list
If you have new mail, use this command to check it.

/mail listall
This command will list ALL of your current mail you have.

/mail del <all|read>
This will delete either all your mail or your read mail, depending which option you type in.

Party Chat

Using Parties allows a group of people to form a private chat room, where only members of the party can view the messages.

/party help
/party ?
These commands gives you all the information on creating your own Party.

Used on its own, this toggles your chat messages only going to party chat or global chat. If you send a message (ie: /p hi!) your message will go to the party chat.

Trade Chat

Entered on its own, this toggles trade chat on or off. If added with a message, this sends your message to the trade chat channel. All buying, selling and trading requests must be done in the trade channel.

/t leave
/t join
These commands allow you to completely leave the Trade Chat Channel and re-join it as well. This is helpful if you don't wish to have your chat window filled up with trade chat.


Trade chat is currently disabled on Survival and Skyblock following the 1.9 update. For now, trade messages can be done in global chat.


If advertising, it's best to keep your message short and to the point.

We ask that you keep trade advertisements to a single message, and space them out. Please don't repeatedly send the same message to trade chat in a short space of time.

You may see some common acronyms being used.

Acronym Meaning
WTS Want To Sell
WTB Want To Buy
WTT Want To Trade
WTH Want to Hire
OBO / ONO Or Best / Nearest Offer
DC Double-Chest
PC Price-check

If you want to take an offer, private message the player. Do not negotiate or arrange the sale in global or trade chat.