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Below are some rules and guidelines all players must abide by when chatting on in-game, on the website, and on the forums.

Failure to abide by these rules and guidelines may result in a mute or ban.

While this list isn't exhaustive, these are the most important rules.

  • No spamming, all caps, or trolling.
Spamming of all kinds is not allowed, so please be mindful of how much you chat in global.
  • No advertising other servers.
This includes posting a server IP, or just naming another server.
  • No links or URLs in global chat
You cannot link to any website or URL in chat. Only staff are permitted to do so.
  • English only in global chat.
You can use /msg or /party chats to speak other languages.
  • No excessive use of Hashtags/Symbols in global chat.
This is not Twitter or Facebook.
  • No story spoilers of any kind in global chat
That includes TV Shows, Movies, Books, etc, etc
  • No excessive swearing or swearing at a player.
Some occasional harmless swearing is tolerated, but not excessive or intended to cause distress.
  • Keep trading/buying/selling in trade chat.
Start your trade messages with /t.
Note: /t is temporarily disabled on Survival and Skyblock. You may use global chat for trading until trade chat is re-enabled.
  • Keep global chat mainly Minecraft related.
Players may chat a bit in global, but conversations must not stray too far from the game.
  • Use private messages and party chat.
When talking to one person or playing with friends, use /msg or /party.
  • Do not ask staff to TP you or a friend around.
Staff only teleport players if they lost a home or are assisting in staff duties.

Other rules