Colors on Signs

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This perk allows you to apply colored text to signs in game. To do this, type a color code right in front of the text you want colored, with no space. Color codes are 2 characters and each one applies a different affect.

This only allows you to color text on signs. You cannot use it in chat.

Color Codes

Code Color / Effect Example
&4 Dark Red Example
&c Red Example
&6 Orange Example
&e Yellow Example
&2 Dark Green Example
&a Light Green Example
&b Cyan Example
&3 Teal Example
&1 Dark Blue Example
&9 Blue Example
&d Purple Example
&5 Dark Purple Example
&f White Example
&7 Gray Example
&8 Dark Gray Example
&0 Black Example
&l Bold Example
&n Underline Example
&o Italic Example
&k Magic (randomises the letters)
&m Strike Example
&r Reset Example


To display a sign in the following format, you'll need to write this code:

You write You get
&cWelcome &rto my
&lawesome &rbuild &5:)
Welcome to my
awesome build :)

Available for

VIP 2 and up.