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Creative Mode gives you all the blocks you need to test your builds and Redstone contraptions.

Joining Creative

To join the Creative server, either run through the Creative portal from the Lobby, or type /hub and click the item frame.


  • There are 50 player slots available with reserved slots set aside for Premium and Veteran Plus players.
  • Plots available at either 32x32 or 150x150 sizes.
  • Warps to Creative build contest winners.
  • All blocks available for use.
  • Tick speeds match those on Survival, so you can test your Redstone builds.
  • Professional and mature staff willing to help with all in game issues.

Members and Regulars only have access to the 32x32 plot world. Veterans and higher have access to both 32x32 and 150x150 plot worlds.

Additional Information