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You can set a home in a location where you can easily teleport back to.

This is useful to teleport back to your base, to your mining outpost, or anywhere you frequently travel.


Command Function
/sethome <name> Create a new home called <name>
/home List all available homes, if you have more than one. Otherwise teleports you to your home.
/home <name> Teleport to <name>
/delhome <name> Deletes home <name>

If you omit <name>, it will assume home.


Standing in your base, typing /sethome base will create a home called 'base'. If you want to return to your base, just type /home base.

Home Limits

Rank Homes
Member 1
Veteran / Veteran Plus 3
Supporter / Support 2 3
VIP / VIP 2 5
Elite 1 7
Elite 2 10

Additional Homes

You can purchase add-ons that increase the number of homes you have. See the Additional Homes page for more information.


If you're new to the map and looking for a place to settle, periodically type /sethome. If you die or take a wrong turn, you can go back using /home.