How to Make Money

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Many players ask everyday what are some of the best ways to earn money. Here are some methods that you may want to try.


Voting for the servers gives you a daily reward. For more information, see the voting page.

Mining & Excavation

The server currency is gold, and mining gold is a good way to earn some cash. For more information, see the AWNW Bank page.

Selling Items to Spawn

You can sell some common items to the shops at /spawn.

Using The Shops

  • Visit /spawn and head upstairs to find the shops.
  • Find the chest that is buying the items you want to sell, and punch the chest while sneaking (normally, hold shift and left-click the mouse).
  • You'll see information on the shop in a chat message.
  • Enter the number of items you wish to sell in chat.
  • The items will be taken from your inventory, and the money deposited in your account.

Buying & Selling

It's easy to sell items to other players either directly or via a QuickShop. Prices for items can vary heavily, and there is no 'right' or 'wrong' price of an item, as people value items very differently. So you can sell items for whatever price you see fit.

Direct Sales

You can advertise your items for sale in Trade Chat by starting your message with /t.

For example, /t Want to sell Wither Skeleton heads. $3000 each.. Note that prices on the server are subject to fluctuation, as like any marketplace.

You can also toggle Trade Chat on by simply entering /t and chatting normally.

If a player wishes to purchase from you, they'll send you a direct message to arrange the details and send the payment. Please remember to keep all 1 on 1 sales chatter in private message rather than clogging up trade chat.


Once you achieve the rank of Regular or above, you can set up your own QuickShop.

On Survival, people create markets where you may be able to set up a stall selling items, or you can create your own warp to sell items.

For more information, please visit the Quickshop page.

Selling to player QuickShops

Some players set up QuickShops that will buy items from you. These are slightly more rare, but you may find a good deal in one of the markets.

What should I sell?

You can sell anything. Pick something you know you can keep up with demand so you can keep your shop chest full. When players see an empty chest, they just move on. Successful merchants make sure to keep their chests full. Here are some examples:

  • Make farms and sell food
  • Make cattle farms to sell leather and steak
  • Make sheep farms to sell colored wool
  • Mine and harvest raw materials to sell in bulk for cheap
  • Convert raw materials to refined blocks to sell for a profit

Sending money to players

To send money to players, type /pay <playername> <amount>.

Jobs & Employment

Jobs can be offered by other players when they have a task that they need help with. People come up with all sorts of things they want done. Most often is material removal, but it could be terraforming a landscape, helping with redstone, building a railroad, or almost any thing you can imagine.

The player offering the job may offer money up front, or you can ask them if they are paying. Once you accept the job, go to their location and then do whatever they ask you to do for the job.

Most jobs will require you to teleport to the location where the work needs doing. To use the teleport commands, you must be Regular rank or higher.

The 32 block rule is flexible when you are on a job because so long as you do what the person hiring asked you to do, you are acting on their behalf. If you start tearing stuff down that you should not, or putting blocks where they did not tell you to, you might be breaking the rules.

If you wish to advertise yourself for employment or see what jobs people are advertising, take a look on the Job Center forum post.

Mob Arena

Mob Arena is a battlefield where you simply fight waves of mobs.

Every few waves you survive you get a few in game dollars. The amount increases the higher the wave number gets.

For more information, please see the Mob Arena page.