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LWC is a plugin designed specifically for locking things up. You can lock Chests, Furnaces, Dispensers, Droppers, Hoppers, Doors, Trapdoors, Gates, Levers, Buttons, Item Frames, Paintings, and Armor Stands.

There are some basic commands like /lock and /unlock, but you can even set things to allow friends to access them as well, while keeping them locked from others. Also keep in mind that most containers (like chests) are automatically privately protected to you when placed.

Here are some of the basic commands to get started: /lwc - Main command, will list all lwc commands you can use
/cprivate - Will place a private protection
/cpublic - Makes chest/furnace public, but you still own it
/cpassword <password> - Applies a password too type to access
/cmodify <playername> - Will modify an existing protection to add player access
/cmodify -<playername> - Will remove a players access from a chest
/unlock - Will fully remove any protections

So you want to make a chest private, but let Friend1 and Friend2 have access?
Type /cmodify Friend1 Friend2 and left-click your chest to apply the protection.

Advanced commands:

/cautoclose on - When used on a door or trapdoor that has already been registered as public or private, this will automatically close the door after about a three second delay.
/cdonation - Makes it so anyone can place an item in a chest, but only you can remove them. You must first /unlock the chest.
/cinfo - Gives you information about locked item, including the name of the player who locked it.

/cpersist - Persistent mode will remember the last command you issued for LWC, so you can apply it to multiple containers.
For example:

  • Type the command /cpersist to enable persistent mode
  • Type the command you want to apply to your containers, ie: /unlock
  • Punch the first container to apply the change.
  • Keep punching the other containers to apply the same change.
  • When you're done, type /cpersist to disable persistent mode