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Unarmed is a skill in mcMMO that focuses around killing monsters with your bare fists. Leveling the skill allows for chances of dodging attacks, breaking or damaging some blocks faster, and killing monsters easier.

To train your unarmed skill, punch naturally spawned monsters with an empty hand. Monsters from spawners will not increase your unarmed skill.

To view your unarmed stats, type /unarmed.
For in-game help, type /unarmed ?.



To activate Berseker, right-click with your mouse with an empty hand. Upon activation, you will gain extra damage inflicted with every punch.

You can also break dirt, sand and gravel much faster by punching it. If you punch stone brick with Berserker active, you'll turn it in to cracked stone brick.

Berserker's duration increases the more you level up in unarmed skill. Every five levels you gain will increase the duration by one second.

Iron Arm

Iron Arm adds extra damage to your punches. Every 5 levels increases the damage dealt, with a maximum of 8x damage at level 100.

Arrow Deflect

Arrow Deflect gives you a chance to avoid arrows. Every level increases the chance 0.5%, so by level 100 you have a 50% chance of avoiding arrows.


This is primarily a PVP skill, so it will not work in a PVE environment.

Iron Grip

This is a PVP-only skill, and as such has no effect while playing AWNW.

Experience Table

Monster type XP multiplier
Passive 1x
Creeper 3x
Skeleton 2x
Spider 2x
Zombie 2x
Slime 2x
Ghast 3x
Pig_Zombie 3x
Enderman 1x
Cave_Spider 2x
Silverfish 3x
Blaze 3x
Magma_Cube 3x
Iron_Golem 2x
Wither_Skeleton 4x
Witch 4x
Wither 5x
Ender_Dragon 5x
Endermite 2x
Elder_Guardian 3x
Guardian 1x

Monsters must be natural spawns. Monsters that come from a spawner do not give you mcMMO experience.